Cloud Protect

Cloud Protect from Fortified IT seeks to secure your business’ data from loss or unavailability, whilst stored in the cloud.

Cloud computing, simply put, is the delivery of services through the Internet and is a popular option for businesses seeking cost savings, increased productivity, speed, efficiency, performance, or security. Our reliance on cloud services has rendered our internet connectivity a critical utility.


Goes into battle first...



Per Month

VANGUARD Cloud Protect applies simple but highly effective protections to your Microsoft 365 users.

  • Seeks to ‘harden’ your Microsoft Cloud environment by identifying areas of weakness.
  • Scans produce recommendations based on Microsoft Secure Score to improve configuration and compliance.
  • Recommendations can then be reviewed and either implemented or, dismissed but, with a clear business case for their dismissal, thereby aiding fulfilment of your compliance obligations.
  • MFA reduces the risk of account compromise by up-to 99.9%…!
  • Provides super-effective protection against credential-theft and password leaks.
  • 365 Backup protects the following data types against accidental or malicious data loss: Email, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams
  • Fully managed, monitored and maintained to ensure successful backups.
  • 12-month and indefinite data retention options.


A fortified structure…



Per Month

BASTION Cloud Protect extends protection to your Microsoft 365 tenancy itself.

  • Monitors the dark web for evidence your business’ credentials have been compromised and are for sale on the dark web.
  • Alerts are generated when such evidence is found giving you the opportunity to secure your account.
  • Powerful reports can be generated showing which accounts have been compromised, where the breach occurred and when.
  • Hooks into the Microsoft 365 platform to look out for suspicious sign-in activity and alerts when ‘risky sign-ins’ are observed.
  • Examples of a ‘risky sign-in’ can include: o From an unusual geographical location (based on recent sign-ins). Using methods to evade location detection. From an address known to be linked to Malware or characteristics match a known attack pattern… And more!


A Fortress for protection during attack...



Per Month

CITADEL Cloud Protect adds comprehensive user identity management making access control, user provisioning/de-provisioning and compliance a breeze.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a single ‘identity’ for your staff, requiring them to authenticate just once, negating the need for individual accounts and passwords.
  • Can be combined with Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for increased security with minimal inconvenience.
  • Compatible with almost any web or mobile-based application.
  • Empower staff with the ability to reset their own password.
  • No waiting on an administrator or help desk.
  • Staff get back to work more quickly, increasing productivity.
  • Automatically provision user accounts for new members of staff based on pre-configured templates.
  • Rapidly enumerate and de-provision all access for leavers or long-term absentees.

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