Are you vulnerable to cyber attack?

Cyber security can be complex but, here at FORTIFIED, we like to keep things simple, so we’ve put together a few short questions which will help us understand what ‘fortifications’ you currently enjoy and in-turn, those you may yet benefit from.

You’ll get a score at the end which will give you an indication of where you’re at right now, based on the limited number of questions.

Take our 60 second test to see just how secure your company is from cyber attack.


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Have you completed an IT security assessment within the last year?

2 / 5

Have you developed a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

3 / 5

Do you protect ALL user accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication (where available)?

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Do you receive alerts when your usernames and passwords are for sale on the Dark Web?

5 / 5

Do you receive alerts when your computers are vulnerable to attack?

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