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Cybersecurity from Fortified IT is here to help. Cybersecurity can be complex but, it boils down to three simple truths…

  • Your data is valuable…  Either to you, the hackers, or whoever they plan to sell it to.
  • The vast majority of attacks are not targeted but, designed to identify and prioritise the ‘easy targets’…
  • If you do enough to make sure you’re Fortified against the most common vulnerabilities, in most cases, the attackers will simply move onto an easier target.

Not to mention there’s a legal obligation to protect the data you hold with fines and investigations becoming ever more common. It’s also a complete myth that it’s just the big firms at risk so, let’s work together to Fortify your business, protecting you and your customers.

Cybersecurity Framework


  • Data Asset Discovery

  • Risk Assessments

  • Risk Management Strategy


  • Access Control

  • Defensive Technology

  • Security Awareness Training


  • Continuous Security Monitoring

  • 24x7 Threat Detection

  • Security Event Management


  • AI-Backed Automated Response

  • Human-led Threat Analysis

  • Risk Mitigation


  • Impact Remediation

  • Data Recovery

  • Review & Improvement

The Fortifications

We offer four core protection products with three levels of fortification: VANGUARD, BASTION & CITADEL.
Giving you the ability to choose the best product and level of protection for you and giving us the ability to protect every part of your business’ IT.

Endpoint Protect

Protecting your desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones
Endpoint Protect from Fortified IT defends against advanced threats, including Ransomware by combining leading tools and expert management.
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Network Protect

Protecting your office network
Network Protect from Fortified IT helps secure your business’ data from loss or unavailability, whilst inside your company’s premises.
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Server Protect

Protecting your physical server and all data contained within
Server Protect from Fortified IT wraps 24x7 protection around your critical server infrastructure to ensure the apps and data remain secure and available.
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Cloud Protect

Protecting your data and apps contained within the cloud
Cloud Protect from Fortified IT helps secure your business’ data from loss or unavailability, whilst stored in the cloud.
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Choose your level of protection...

Every product has three levels of protection allowing you to choose the best level of protection for you and your business. Click below to read more…


VANGUARD provides those fortifications which must come first but which can be built-upon to provide additional security as appropriate. Best suited to… Smaller organisations, or those with some in-house IT resource available.


BASTION builds on VANGUARD to enhance and improve security by including fortifications such as security baselines and 24x7 detection/monitoring of your compliance therewith. Best suited to… Organisations requiring regular monitoring of their security and/or support, perhaps those in regulated industries.


CITADEL provides the most comprehensive and effective fortifications, supported by our 24x7 Security Operation Centre, manned by certified Security Analysts, to protect you from the broadest range of threats. Best suited to…  Those organisations holding highly sensitive data, at increased risk of attack, or simply those who wish to benefit from some of the best protections the market has to offer.

What happens when a threat is detected?

Awareness of a threat alone isn’t enough…  Clearly, the objective is to neutralise any threat as quickly as possible in order to protect your critical data and systems.

With your cybersecurity backed by FORTIFIED, with our 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring for and responding to threats around the clock, supported by a combination of industry-leading artificial intelligence and qualified cybersecurity analysts you can be assured of a fast and effective response to threats.

So don't get hacked... Get FORTIFIED!

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