Cybersecurity & Safeguarding in Schools

The pandemic saw a huge spike in cyber attacks against education establishments with schools, colleges and universities all reporting more breaches than ever before. ICTs and IT departments were put under a huge strain to cope with the support of online learning and reliance on digital communication platforms, all opening them up to more risk and exposing vulnerabilities. While the pandemic might be the upward trend in cyber attacks on the education sector remains.

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Education was the industry 2nd most affected by ransomware in 2021
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One in five schools/colleges have fallen victim to cyber crime, according to research from specialist insurer Ecclesiastical
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What does insufficient cybersecurity mean for schools, academies & MATs?

Schools are responsible for protecting the sensitive data of their students so it’s crucial appropriate measures are taken to protect it. Education establishments without the necessary defences in place can also be subject to fines should a breach occur, in accordance with new regulations set in 2018. 

Teaching, supporting and safeguarding children and young people is an essential service. If a breach occurred and your school was unable to access the data or the systems necessary to operate day to day there could be a significant negative impact on students, faculty, finances, not to mention your school’s reputation.

What can we do to help?

Cyber Risk Assessment

We’ll review your entire digital infrastructure and explain in plain terms where you need fortification, including all servers, networks, applications and devices.
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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Helping your faculty recognise malicious activity to help mitigate risk from threat actors.
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Data Protection & GDPR

We work with industry leading security providers to ensure your students data is as safe as it can be and GDPR is inline with current industry standards.
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Dark Web Monitoring

Scanning the dark web for creditials associated with your school and taking the necessary steps to ensure associated risks are minimised.
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We’ll help you protect your students from any cyber risk that could be potentially harmful to them or the school as a whole.
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Remote Learning & Device Security

We’ll ensure all platforms, apps and devices are secure and that users are authenticated properly.
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How we FORTIFY your schools cyber defences

Managed Cybersecurity Services

Additional Support Services

Don’t just take our word for it…

"FORTIFIED IT was a personal recommendation from an individual that was supporting us with IT at the time. We are a large primary school that had just muddled through up to this point. We had some security and IT knowledge but no real understanding of the risks that IT generally could pose to the school. The day to day running of IT in school was not consistently good and there were many issues with staff access and pupils working that was not as reliable as we needed.

After employing FORTIFIED our IT generally became more consistent and accessible. The staff were empowered and more aware of what the curriculum needs and access needs were for staff and pupils. Having a dedicated company also meant that I, as headteacher, could spend more time on education and curriculum matters and leave those with a far better knowledge to manage the day to day management of the school's IT needs.

We chose FORTIFIED for their value for money, positive relationship with the company and their employees, and expert knowledge.

We are very happy with the service, nothing is too much trouble although I am sure at times we are very frustrating to them as they have far more knowledge than us, clearly, and we ask questions all the time to get a better understanding and challenge what they are telling us. However, they patiently explain things a number of times, if need be, so that we are sure we are getting value for money and a full understanding so that I can talk things through with my stakeholders if need be.

I don’t honestly understand enough of what FORTIFIED do, but for us as a school, I do know they are always there for us, proactive in decision making and ensuring that we are compliant in everything that IT needs to be. They are also excellent at mitigating any risk so that GPDR, safeguarding etc continue to be a priority and safety factor for the school.

I would always recommend FORTIFIED IT to anyone that would listen."

Harriet Phelps-Knights,

Headteacher and EPHA Chair

"Our greatest concern was not having anyone with enough knowledge to ensure that the aspects of technology we were using were secure.

Having Fortified looking after all aspects of IT support and security was one less thing for me to worry about. It gives the school security that the IT use/security will be monitored effectively.

The computing lead feels more able to support other teachers with computing issues as the ability to fix simple problems has grown with the help of FORTIFIED meaning technical IT issues are resolved/fixed swiftly.

The members of the FORTIFIED team are professional, knowledgeable and approachable. Committed to being reasonably priced for education establishments to be able to afford the service.

I am extremely satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them."

Lisa Patient,

Acting Head Teacher

Whats happens next?

Once you have filled in the enquiry form below we’ll be in touch for an initial call to discuss your concerns and requirements. 

Next we’ll perform a risk assessment. Taking a holistic approach means we look at your entire digital estate, check for weaknesses, mitigate the risks and allows us to create a bespoke package for your needs in an easy to digest per-user monthly cost, enabling you to budget with ease.

Honesty  |  Transparency  |  Integrity

We operate a very strict ethical sales policy, we will never knowingly sell you any product or service that does not delivery real value. We ensure you are informed and confident in your choice of solution, and us as your partners and will never prioritise profit over professionalism.

FORTIFIED IT - Acting in your interests

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Identify your weaknesses
It’s all about where the data is, and the vulnerabilities inherent within those locations.
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Plan you defences
Prioritise the most effective countermeasures to your specific risks.
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We build your defences to FORTIFIY your business!