Endpoint Protect

The simple fact nearly all our sensitive business data is accessed using Desktops and Laptops (also known as ‘endpoints’) is the reason they are the principle target for an attacker. In-light of which, it is absolutely critical businesses not-only protect their endpoints but also monitor the status and effectiveness of such protections.

Endpoint Protect from Fortified IT defends against advanced threats, including Ransomware by combining leading tools and expert management.


Goes into battle first...



Per Month

VANGUARD Endpoint Protect introduces entry-level protection, against only the most common threats, forms the first part of your cybersecurity countermeasures but, should not be your only such.


A fortified structure…



Per Month

BASTION Endpoint Protect forms a very strong foundation for your IT fortifications. Alone, not enough to stop advanced threats or a sophisticated or concerted attack but, as with any foundation, designed to be built upon.


A Fortress for protection during attack...



Per Month

CITADEL Endpoint Protect defends against most modern threats, including Ransomware, with support from certified cybersecurity analysts.

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