Endpoint Security

What is it?


Prevents Ransomware from executing and restores any files encrypted providing an effective defence against one of the worst cyber-threats around.



Blocks the tools, techniques, and procedures, employed by cyber-criminals to exploit vulnerabilities, steal passwords, and deploy malware.


Attack-surface Reduction

Make your self as small a target as possible by controlling what apps can run on, which devices can be connected to your endpoints, and to which websites they can connect.


Why you need it...

  • Despite relatively low overall prevalence Ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing business today. If successful, it will cripple an organisation’s operations, require costly incident response and recovery processes and cause even costlier reputational damage and loss of business.


  • This is a crucial component of any endpoint security solution as, much like any professional, cyber-criminals are far less effective if you take their tools away from them.


  • This is the net effect of rendering such tools ineffective, along with the techniques used to wield them.


  • In the vast majority of cases, cyber-criminals do not target individual businesses, but instead rely on large-scale automated tactics which catch the easiest prey.


  • You can ‘slip through the net’ simply by making yourself a small enough target.

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