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Fortified IT are a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in Essex…This puts us among the distinct minority of IT managed services providers (MSPs) who can deliver cybersecurity properly, 24×7.

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Dark Web Scan

What is a Dark Web Scan?

Your personal information, passwords, bank details and much more could be out there on the dark web. We'll perform an in-depth scan and let you know if your data is secure or not. If your data has been released onto the dark web we'll help you get FORTIFIED.
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Rapid Risk Assessment

What is a Rapid Risk Assessment?

It's hard to know if your company is fully secure from a cyber attack. At Fortified IT we can perform a Rapid Risk Assessment of your infrastructure and help identify any areas that need fortification. Don't get hacked... get FORTIFIED!
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Cyber Vulnerability Test

What is our 60 second test?

In just 60 seconds with a few questions, we can tell you how vulnerable you and your business are to a cyber attack. Don't get hacked... get FORTIFIED!
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Downtime & Recovery Cost

How much money & time could you be loosing?

The cost of a technology outage can cripple a business. Use our Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator to focus on a handful of simple metrics that might come into play during a downtime event.
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We can tell you if you're vulnerable to cyberattack

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Cybersecurity from Fortified IT


Protect your data…  Everywhere.
Don’t get hacked…  Get FORTIFIED!

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Software, Servers, Networking, you name it…. Just like regular cloud solutions, only more secure!

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IT Support

Whether you’re procuring new systems or simply in need of tech support, don’t struggle…  Call in the Cavalry!

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