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IT Support

IT Support from Fortified IT offers a unique approach to tech support. We know that IT support requirements can vary company to company, at different times in your business calendar or even to suit a specific budget. We want our support offering to fit your needs, which is why we offer different types of support, allowing us to start giving you tech support where you need it most and exactly when you need it.

The Ranks

We offer three main types of support: INFANTRY, CALVARY & ARTILLERY.

Giving you the ability to choose the type of support for your business and giving us the ability to support you, whether it be classic technical support or more project and strategic based.


Technical Support

Infantry support options to either support or replace an in-house IT staff
Infantry IT Support from Fortified IT can supplement your own team or, FORTIFIED can lead the line on your behalf. So, don’t let your technology requirements defeat you… Draft the Infantry!
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Project Support

Cavalry support provides a professional pay-as-you-go project support service on an ad-hoc basis.
Calvary reinforcements can supplement your own team or FORTIFIED can lead the charge on your behalf. So, don’t let technology defeat you… Call in the Cavalry!
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Strategic Support

Artillery provides a virtual professionally managed support service on an annual contract basis
When Cavalry might not be heavy enough, this technology and security package can help you reach beyond those obstacles. When you need a strategic far-range attack… Roll in the Artillery!
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