Mobile Security

The wider conversation around the lack of security we typically enjoy when our data is accessed from or stored on mobile devices.

1)  They’re in our homes (frequently in the hands of one of our offspring, engrossed in attempts to evade detection as the ‘Imposter’ during a feverish game of ‘Among Us’)…

2) They’re in our schools, supporting the education of our children / the next generation of business-owners…

3) They’re in our businesses, facilitating the storage and retrieval of potentially sensitive but, almost undoubtedly personally identifiable data.

They’re indispensable…they’re everywhere…they’re vulnerable…

So, most of us now realise Apple’s implicit claim to being ‘secure’ is nothing more than marketing spin but, focusing purely on the business information security angle; what’s to stop a rogue / disgruntled employee, in an effort to take some of your hard-earned clients with them:
– Forwarding your confidential company data to their own email address?
– Easier still; simply saving it to their personal cloud storage?
– Printing it at home?

At a psychological level, we (well, most of us anyway) don’t like to think the worst of people but, let’s be honest; dishonourable acts don’t commit themselves…  These things do happen and, when they do, we’re often incredibly surprised by the actions / lack of remorse / state-of-mind of those who commit them, having frequently regarded them as quite trustworthy and, perhaps even friends.

So, whilst you personally might be an incorruptible specimen of a human-being, setting the perfect example for us mere mortals to emulate, not everyone’s as awesome as you are so, protect your hard-earned business…!

So, how can you improve your mobile device security?

To find out, reach out…!

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