Network Protect

Network Protect from Fortified IT seeks to secure your business’ data from loss or unavailability, whilst inside your company’s premises.

Much of the data we work with travels across the internet, like a global ‘logistics network’, delivering the ‘packages’ (of data) we ‘order’ to our physical location. Your company’s computer network is your organisation’s ‘internal mail’ delivering such data packages to the individual addressee. All of which makes it well-worth protecting. Network Protect provides protections to keep your data where it should be – inside your business.



Goes into battle first...



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VANGUARD Network Protect is your company network’s first line of defence against internet-based threats.

The sad fact is we simply cannot trust every ‘package’ we receive, and these data packages need to be opened and inspected to ensure they contain nothing which could harm our systems. 

  • A UTM sits between your network and the unfiltered internet, providing multiple layers of detection to protect against numerous threat-types.
  • A UTM is sometimes referred to as a ‘Firewall’ but, a Firewall can be likened to a doorman at a venue who allows entry based on a list of pre-approved guests.
  • A UTM though can not only maintain such a ‘guest-list’ but will also thoroughly search each ‘guest’, discover their true identity, determine where they’ve come from, who they’re meeting, what they plan to do and run a criminal background check. Only once their intentions are fully understood are they allowed entry.
  • All of which is backed by expert management, supported by appropriate monitoring and alerting.


A fortified structure…



Per Month

BASTION Network Protect builds on VANGUARD to extend that expert management and monitoring to your company’s internal network.

The network is also segmented to protect company devices and data from those brought onto the network by guests visiting the business.

  • Switches are ‘cloud-managed’ meaning they can be managed remotely and securely, via a web-based platform.
  • Configuration changes required (perhaps to accommodate an additional Computer, Printer or, ‘Desk Phone’) can be made without the need for an engineer to attend, resulting in a better, more prompt service.
  • Software updates are also managed to protect against security vulnerabilities and software ‘bugs’ which can cause significant disruption.
  • All managed switches include technical support and are warrantied whilst under management.
  • Guest network segregation ensures visitor devices which, you have no control over, stay where they should and cannot endanger the security of your company network.


A Fortress for protection during attack...



Per Month

CITADEL Network Protect offers comprehensive network security, assuming your perimeter has already been breached, deep visibility, and advanced management supported by certified cybersecurity analysts.

  • A UTM or Firewall is designed to protect your network perimeter. Network Security Monitoring assumes that layer of security has already been bypassed and the attackers are now inside your network.
  • Network activity is continuously monitored for threat activity and ‘Indicators of Compromise’ with such monitoring overseen by a Security Operations Centre, 24×7.
  • Every threat is analysed… Genuine threats are responded to appropriately.
  • Full network visibility is possible through powerful visual network maps and real-time reporting.
  • Helps identify and understand network performance ‘bottlenecks’ and other issues in a fraction of the time it would otherwise consume.

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