Network Security

What is it?

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Protection from internet-based threats, deployed between your computer network and the internet.

Managed Wired / Wireless Networking

Delivers a secure network configuration, ensures the software on the relevant network devices are kept up-to-date, then monitors for and alerts to threats.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Analyses activity from multiple network and other infrastructure systems to surface potential threats which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Why you need it...

  • A UTM helps prevent your computers communicating with those controlled by a potential cyber criminal.


  • A UTM can also act as a Web Content Filter, safeguarding your users from harmful or offensive content and protecting your workforce productivity.


  • Managed Networking decreases your exposure to threats introduced by unauthorised devices being attached to your network, or from your own devices if infected with malware.


  • It also reduces your susceptibility to vulnerabilities discovered within your network hardware itself from being exploited by ensuring the timely deployment of updates.


  • Every device we use generates information about our usage. Which information should be used to validate such usage is legitimate, and doesn’t pose a threat to the organisation. This results in a colossal amount of data which any human would find impossible to even review, let alone highlight potential risks within. A SIEM leverages AI to do exactly that and then alerts to malicious or otherwise risky events.

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