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Deliver consistent performance, aligned to your values, ethics, and growth ambitions through a robust framework.


Manage risk in your environment to ensure your wider business goals can be realised, whilst maximising returns on investment and opportunities.


Protect your business and boost growth by ensuring you can meet the standards required of you by both your customers/prospects, and your own governance framework(s).

  • ISO 9001/27001
  • Cyber Essentials / CE+



Strategic Support

Assess | Implement | Improve

1. Alignment of IT to business goals/objectives

2. Leverage of competitive advantage opportunities


Project Support

Plan | Procure | Perform

Management or support of the entire project lifecycle ensures success and typically reduces both costs and duration.


Training and Education

  • Security Awareness
  • Productivity/ Technical
  • Service Improvement


Product Selection Support

Whether it’s complex cloud infrastructure, or a simple laptop, we’ll help you spend your money on the right solutions, first time, every time.

Warranties and Extensions

As a top-tier reseller of after-market and extended warranty options FORTIFIED will ensure your faulty kit is repaired asap, keeping you productive, whilst avoiding surprise costs and delays.

Hardware Recycling

Environmentally responsible WEEE compliant disposal of all types of redundant hardware.

Certificated data destruction.

Potential for rebates against new hardware purchases.


Save money

Unlike traditional finance, where you pay interest on the amount borrowed, only to be left with IT kit worth little-to-nothing, a Residual Value (RV) lease means you’ll pay less than if you’d bought outright, as the lender makes their money by reselling your old hardware at the end of your lease.

Get the kit you need ASAP

Next day delivery usually available, once the leasing agreement is completed, naturally.

New kit every 3 years, or sooner!

Never suffer a slow computer again, with ever shiny new kit, at a predictable cost.

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Resilience isn't actually about Cyber... It's ALL about your Business!

Strategy, procurement, governance, risk, compliance…  We know this stuff can be boring – as you’d imagine, we don’t get invited to many parties – but it’s crazy important to have a technology strategy that aligns to your business objectives, otherwise you’re just getting in your own way…!

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Book a chat for absolutely FREE advice, without the pushy sales tactics!

Book a chat for absolutely FREE advice, without the pushy sales tactics

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