Server Protect

Servers, in one form or another, power all of the apps we use, and store the data within them. This fact naturally makes servers pretty important but, it also makes them a great target for hackers. And we all know technology breaks, eventually.

Server Protect wraps 24×7 protection around your critical server infrastructure to ensure the apps and data remain available…


Goes into battle first...



Per Month

VANGUARD Server Protect differs from its Endpoint counterpart though. It still includes Anti-Virus, Firewall and critical security update management, protecting you from a host of security-holes known to attackers.

In addition, VANGUARD Server Protect also includes server health monitoring to identify technical faults which may need attention.


A fortified structure…



Per Month

BASTION Server Protect adds 24×7 technical support to respond to and resolve any issues identified through our automated monitoring to minimise or mitigate downtime.

Monitoring is also extended to identify common security vulnerabilities, teamed with efforts to minimise or mitigate the associated risk and alert when a server fails to comply with such.


A Fortress for protection during attack...



Per Month

CITADEL Server Protect builds on defends against most modern threats, including Ransomware, with support from certified cybersecurity analysts.

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