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Strategic Support from Fortified IT

FORTIFIED’s Artillery product provides a virtual professionally managed support service on an annual contract basis. When Cavalry might not be heavy enough, this technology and security package can help you reach beyond those obstacles. When you need a strategic far-range solution… Roll in the Artillery!

Strategic Support



Per Month

Artillery supports your technology strategy with effective professional services supplied in a monthly retained model.

Reinforcements throughout the technology lifecycle:
  • Guidance and direction to develop and deliver your information security and/or technology strategy aligned to your individual cyber risk profile and business objectives.

  • Minimise your cyber risk exposure through the development of an information security strategy designed to mitigate the risks to your business, specifically.

  • Maximise value from your technology budget and minimise or mitigate losses associated with poorly defined projects.

  • Certified professionals help to align processes, policies, and documentation to your legal obligations and manage Subject Access Requests and data breaches

  • Staff trained to identify potential cybersecurity threats can massively reduce the risks associated with phishing, smishing, vishing, whaling, invoice and ‘CEO fraud’, amongst others.

  • MS Teams training and support can significantly increase adoption/uptake, transforming collaboration and teamwork within your organisation, increasing agility and lowering costs.

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