Vulnerability Management

What is it?

Asset Management

Seeks to establish a definitive record of your assets

  • Data
  • Systems
  • Software / Hardware


Vulnerability Assessment
  • Helps identify new vulnerabilities quickly.


  • Prioritise the biggest threats first for mitigation
Software Update Management

Applies critical security updates to neutralise threats at every possible layer of the infrastructure, but with the necessary management to identify and remediate failures, ensuring successful outcomes.


Why you need it...

  • It’s critically important to understand the assets within your environment so you know what to protect, and how.


  • Rather than simply deploying (potentially disruptive) updates to Windows, Mac OS, and Office, vulnerability management identifies those threats to which you’re actually vulnerable, prioritises them, then develops and executes a plan to manage them.


  • It’s not enough to deploy software updates merely because they’ve been released. There are a huge number of vulnerabilities which have either yet to be found, or for which patches are yet to be produced.


  • Such vulnerabilities must still be managed in order to control the associated risk. This may be achieved through manual remediation, segregation of an affected system, or even disconnection or full decommissioning of such.


  • In certain circumstances, risks may be ‘tolerated’. A decision a business may make after consideration of the risks versus the cost of remediation.

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